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Libro del Banco Mundial sobre las NTMs, 2012

Trabajo elaborado por el ITC, WTO, y WB, con datos de UNCTAD que describe y clasifica las Medidas no arancelaricas (Non-Tariff Barriers, NTBs)

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International classification of non-tariff measures

A Sanitary and phytosanitary measures

B Technical barriers to trade

C Pre-shipment inspection and other formalities

D Price control measures

E Licences, quotas, prohibitions and other quantity

control measures

F Charges, taxes and other para-tariff measures

G Finance measures

H Anti-competitive measures

I Trade-related investment measures

J Distribution restrictions

K Restrictions on post-sales services

L Subsidies (excluding export subsidies)

M Government procurement restrictions

N Intellectual property

O Rules of origin

P Export related measures

Source: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

(UNCTAD) (2010)

ITC list of procedural obstacles

A Administrative burdens

B Information/transparency issues

C Inconsistent or discriminatory behaviour of officials

D Time constraints

E Payment

F Infrastructural challenges

G Security

H Legal constraints

I Other

Source: International Trade Centre (ITC) (2011).

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